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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you rent snowmobiles? Do you rent ATVs?
No. Whitetail Cabin is a great destination for people bringing their own snowmobiles or ATVs. But check with us – we can also refer you to someplace where you can rent snowmobiles or ATVs.
Is there fishing on the property?

Well, you're welcome to try, but you're not likely to find anything in our small pond or brook.

So let's just say no, there's no fishing on the property.

Where can I go fishing?
There are hundreds of great spots in Pittsburg, but you could start with a 200-yard stroll, right across the street, to the Connecticut River.
Can I hunt on the property?
No. This is a residential property with other houses and cabins not too far away.
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Whitetail Cabin

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